Hide Your Face, So the World Will Never Find You: Digital Story Critique.

Person. From the Greek word Persona, meaning Mask.

This week I chose a very interesting short story on Youtube called Identity. There are just a few lines of dialogue, but the video tells the story of a young high school girl who finds an identity for herself.

The story is simple, everyone that the girl runs into, including herself, are wearing masks of various colors and designs. She walks past cliques of students all wearing the same masks, some changing their masks depending on who they are going to interact with.


By the end of the video, the protagonist removes her mask, attracting the attention of everyone nearby.

It’s interesting to think about how many masks people wear. One they show to everyone, one they show to their friends, one they show to their family, one they show only to themselves. There are thousands of masks that people wear.

The three subjects I’ll be looking at is Story, Creativity, Presentation.

Story. The story, though there was not a lot of dialogue, is easy to follow. Most of the meaning was taken through the visuals. The story was compelling, you could clearly see the character development. The protagonist went through a transformation, a very visual and emotional one. It was easy to relate to the story and it was a bit inspiring.

Creativity. I really liked that there was little dialogue and that the production was focused on visuals. The video takes place in a school, and pretty much everyone has a mask. The attention to detail was really there, each group had different masks and decorations. The protagonist draws in a few scenes, and the pictures have no faces. The little things and attention to detail really makes it.

Presentation. The video is clear, a high quality. It comes in with a title screen and a credits section. The production probably had minimal funding, but they did quite well with what they had. The masks all looked hand decorated and everyone was just in school clothing. The performance got across exactly what it needed to, you could take the moral from it easily.

Overall, I liked the short video. I perhaps would have added more examples. They show off students changing their masks, looking at professional models in their masks, but there are plenty of other examples too. Also perhaps if they made the masks and their colors represent something specific. Each color possibly indicating one emotion or example. Other than that, it was a good, short, engaging video.

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