Story Critique: Omelette

For this week’s story, I went to social media to find something short and interesting that I could take a look at. This week, I found an adorable short film simply called Omelette, created by Madeline Sharafian.


The short animation does not feature many lines, just a couple barks from the small dog, but has an exceptional song that accompanies it. The story follows the small dog, waiting patiently for their owner, who comes back from work exhausted and dreary. He attempts to make a meal, but all he manages to accomplish is nearly cutting off his own fingers and adding eggs, shell and all, into a bowl. The dog, seeing this, knocks over a trash can, gathering their master’s attention and finishes the meal. The dog offers the omelette to the man, who takes a few grateful bites, before seeing that there are dog biscuits in his dinner. He then shares a couple bites with his pal.

For the Critique, I’ll be focusing on story, presentation, and media application.

Story. The story is adorable, universal in nature. Everyone can relate with being rundown by work or school, coming home and just not feeling it, entirely zoning out. And who is always there for you? Your pets. It’s a heartwarming story that doesn’t need any dialogue, because what happens is easily understood by all.

Presentation. The animation style is round and bubbly, very cute with its use of colors and subtle details. The animation lends itself to the story, adding another layer of interest as the viewer is taken in by the excellent style. It is also very short, no need to add too many details within a short like this.

Media Application. I have looked at a few stories now that have had little to no dialogue, getting their entire story across with musical cues and sound effects and this one is no different. The uptempo song that pops into the video reminds you of something that might be playing inside of a dog’s head, a very peppy song that has a lot of determination within it. Short animations accompanied by music are some of my favorite types of shorts.

Overall, the adorable art style, mixed with an excellent choice of song create a very remarkable short story. One comment I have for it, would have been to have a more muted color pallet before the climax happens, or whenever it panned over to the human. It would have made a visual mood board that always helps to direct the audience.


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