Digital Story Critique: Three Photographs

After reading through a few of my classmates story choices from last week, I was reminded of a social media post that I believed would be a great example of photography stories. A young woman by the username CommanderSheena on tumblr posted a set of three photographs that told a story for an assignment in one of her classes.


This was just such a simple story that really gave us a lot of information, and to me, a lot of laughs. The contemplative nature of the first photo leads us to believe that this is a very serious photoset, the second photo shows off the various ways of disposal, and then the punchline is the third photo where it is shown that she’s carrying a comical dead body.

For the Critique, I choose Sense of Audience, Originality, and Materials.

Sense of Audience. This photoset I found on tumblr, a social media site mostly directed towards a younger audience and many of the posts on there are silly and funny. It’s a blogging site that you can post anything on, and these types of post explode. It has over 650,000 notes on it and I know I’ve seen it cross my path multiple times. It has the comedy that just takes the attention of young adults and it knows it.

Originality. I think that the comedic originality of the photoset is what really tells the great story. It has comedic timing, two characters, and truly does tell us a story.

Materials. I love short things such as this that are clearly created in some sort of high school or university. It shows creativity with the limited resources and it didn’t need any high production value to get across it’s silly product.

Overall, I just love this set and I really forgot how much photographs can tell a story and just how powerful they can be, whether dramatic or comedic.


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